About Us

We are a different type of law firm. As a virtual firm, we can offer many things that traditional law firms just can’t. Our firm has one foot into tomorrow, as we utilize cutting edge technology to make our clients’ experience faster, more affordable, and more convenient.

What We Do

Through our virtual services, we offer all the same services that traditional law firms offer, but with added convenience, accessibility, flexibility, responsiveness, and affordability. We focus on our clients’ legal issues rather than the mundane minutiae that most law firms struggle with every day.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology to handle the tedious tasks involved in managing a legal matter, such as document preparation, sorting, filing, managing social media, performing legal research, and handling communications, while we focus on working your case and arguing in court.

All this is to say we are laser-focused on you and your legal matter without being bogged down by the kinds of things that traditional law firms use as excuses for why your case is taking so long to resolve, and why it’s costing you so much money.

What Makes Us Different

For starters, we are highly responsive. Instead of waiting days, weeks, or even months to hear back from your attorney, we are committed to returning messages and emails within the same day they are left. 

In a related vein, we are communicative, and utilize emails, texts, and other types of online communications, such as video conferences. This provides our clients with the kind of personal convenience that is unheard of in traditional law firms. We adjust to your schedule instead of forcing you to adjust to ours.

We offer unprecedented accessibility. Your documents will be accessible online, allowing you to review these documents at your convenience, from your own at-home computer or mobile device. We utilize a wide array of digital tools, including tools like damages calculators, VoiP (voice over internet protocol) phone systems, firm management software, collaborative word processing software, online video conferencing, scanning tools, and speech-to-text dictation. All this adds up to a more compact and efficient legal experience for our customers.

Maybe most important of all, we offer affordability. After all, when a law firm reduces wasted time and overhead, they are able to function more efficiently. Virtual services take only a fraction of the time that corresponding people-driven services take, thereby reducing billable hours. A virtual law firm’s overhead is drastically reduced, saving money on things like commuting time, wasted time for employee breaks and sick days, and especially on real estate costs. 

Because an efficient virtual law office spends less money, it can charge clients less for billable hours and still maintain a functioning profit line. 

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As a virtual firm, the Law Office of Kim M. Dubois PLLC offers flexible hours and free consultations. Our policy is to return phone calls and email messages on the same day they were left. Our virtual services provide convenient, comprehensive, and affordable options for everything you need right from your computer.

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