Commercial lease evictions are available to landlords for a wide variety of reasons. However, a commercial lease eviction should be a last resort, implemented only after efforts to resolve the issue amicable have failed. Evicting a commercial tenant can be unpleasant, difficult, and expensive for a landlord, and financially debilitating for a tenant.

If you are a landlord facing irreparable commercial tenant issues, or are a tenant facing a commercial eviction, you should immediately utilize the virtual services of the Law Office of Kim M. Dubois PLLC.

When May a Landlord Evict a Commercial Tenant?

Commercial tenants usually do not have the same legal protections that residential tenants enjoy. When evicting a commercial tenant, however, landlords are still required to follow the legal procedures in your state, as well as the terms in the lease agreement related to eviction.

If a tenant breaches the conditions of a lease, they may be evicted. However, if a tenant abides by the lease agreement and pays their rent on time, they cannot be evicted and are allowed to remain on the property until the lease term ends.

In other words, commercial tenants can only be evicted if there has been a default of the lease agreement and the legal eviction procedures have been followed. A three-day notice is the most common term for an eviction notice. These notices can either be delivered to the tenant personally or can be posted on the commercial property.

Steps in a Commercial Eviction

Most commercial lease evictions follow the same basic steps:

  • Notice is provided to the tenant.
  • After the expiration of the notice, the landlord files a complaint with the court, which will then issue a summons and start the process of judicial eviction. Colorado does not allow so-called “self-evictions.” A disinterested party must deliver the summons to the tenant.
  • The tenant must respond to the summons based on the deadline contained within. They will have an opportunity to explain why they should not be held in default. If the tenant does not respond, the court will usually rule that they can be evicted.

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