Traditional law firms require a variety of individuals, each responsible for performing different tasks, to ensure that the firm runs smoothly. These individuals answer phone calls, emails, and other types of communication with the outside world, perform administrative work like sorting and filing, manage social media, make sure all documents are ready for the lawyers, and even perform legal research on any particular specific legal issue.

The use of Virtual Assistants, or VAs, provide further benefits for a virtual law firm. VAs typically perform many administrative tasks remotely from their home computer, eliminating the commuting time, office expenses, sick time, and office overhead.

Advantages of a Virtual Law Firm

The traditional law firm model is not efficient in today’s virtual world, because any of these tasks that can be performed virtually have benefits for both lawyers and clients. After all, shouldn’t your lawyer be analyzing your case or arguing your case in court instead of answering the phone?

For clients, the advantages are even more profound:

  • Convenience. Virtual law firms can more easily adjust to a schedule that’s convenient for you. Most communications are online, accessed via email, texts, or virtual video conferences, allowing you to provide necessary information for your case from your home computer.
  • Accessibility. Most of your case’s documents can be accessed online at your own convenience.
  • Flexibility. Virtual law firms can offer a wider, more convenient variety of services, such as virtual tools like damages calculators and bankruptcy means test calculators.
  • Responsiveness. Because communications are generally handled virtually, law firms like the Law Office of Kim M. Dubois PLLC are able to respond to messages within the same day.
  • Affordability. Finally, and maybe most importantly, virtual law firms save you money, because they spend less money. Because virtual services take only a fraction of the time that corresponding people-driven services take, the billable hours and overhead of the virtual law firm are far lower than the traditional hours and overhead are. Real estate costs like rent or building purchases are practically non-existent. This means less money spent by the virtual firm, which means less money they have to charge you and still maintain a realistic operating budget.

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